Monday, August 3, 2009

Michael asked for it...

MJW left a comment asking if I was going to post my game anytime soon. So by, umm... popular demand (Hey, 50% of my blogs' commenters asked for it!!) - here it is!

The game gets difficult REALLY quick. But I don't really expect you to play it long. I'm just trying to get the basics down right now.

Comments, banter, criticism? Close your browser...
Want to lavish praise? Leave it in the comment section!
Kidding... I want to hear it all - leave me a comment if you play. We'll call it "Comment-Ware"


  1. Cool! I got 1740 :)

    Nice to see the extra additions you made... the two start buttons, diagonal enemies, "great job" screen -- and the mute button of course!

  2. Nice game. My highscore was 1280. It's good to see people making games from Michael's tutorials. I liked the color changes, but sometimes my mouse would move during the pause between levels, and it would cause me to lose. Other than that keep up the good work.

  3. Hey, thanks for playing, and commenting! His tutorials were very easy to learn from AND build off of.

    I'm familiar with the mouse movement = game over thing you referred to (I've often used it to cheat and get really high scores :)) I read an article that was linked from Michael's blog that talked about changing how the mouse movement worked - so that it actually 'follows' mouse instead of being at the exact position of mouse. I just have yet to implement it yet... I guess because I still use that "feature" ;)